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Why your business needs personal branding?

Business branding is more than just a headshot. Having a bespoke set of images that tells your story helps increase your brand presence, encourages engagement, and builds trust with potential customers and stand our from the crowd - a key to a successful thriving business.


Photos are what gives your audiences their first impression when they arrive your website and social media. We only have milliseconds to grab your ideal client's attention.

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You need a photographer that understands

As an established photographer and business we understand your struggles as businesses owners and entrepreneurs.


​I am here to help you by creating a bank of inspiring high quality portraits of you and inspiring photos that lets your brand stand out from the competition and inspire trust with your audiences. Imagine not having to worry about what to post on Instagram tomorrow? 

I can help you to achieve.....

Meet Your Photographer

I am Kin. I am a personal business brand photographer, based in King's Lynn, Norfolk. My goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs create a variety of beautiful professional images that represent you and your business, that attract clients to you with ease and help you stand out from the crowd. I know how important it is to see the person behind the business and how much clients love to know the story of the business. It's not just about a headshot 

I've been building my award winning photography business for three years. I've achieved numerous awards with my portrait work. I've been photographing pets and people. I understand how nervous some people may feel in front of the camera. I'll be working with you to tailor the shoot to ensure that you are comfortable and feel confident and empowered with your personal business branding experience. 

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