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Photography Awards - We've Struck Gold

What an amazing month it was in April since re-opening from lockdown. It's been extremely busy with studio photoshoots and photoshoots out in the woodland. And to top it all up, we took the ultimate award in one of our Guild of Professional Photographer's Image of the Month Competition images - Gold for Baxter the Cocker Spaniel's fine art portrait. We're so proud!

gold dog photography award cocker spaniel sundog
Gold Award for Cocker Spaniel Baxter

We also received a Silver and a High Bronze as well as Highly Commended (The National Photographic Society).

dog photography award border collie chicken
Silver and HC Award for Daisy Border Collie
dog photography award golden retriever gundog
High Bronze and HC for Simba Golden Retriever

Overall a brilliant result for a single month's competition. For now, back to editing photos before the next client arrives!


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