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Summer Studio Dog Portrait Event

Good morning everyone, hope you're all doing well and looking forward to the much anticipated "heat wave" that is about to come in the next few days.

This is a quick blog post to let everyone know that for two days only we'll be hosting a "Pop In" Studio Dog Portrait Event in our studio in Congham, King's Lynn on Saturday 24th July and Wednesday 4th August. The event fee is £35 per dog inclusive of print and digital image, if you're looking for a timeless portrait of your pup, this is incredible value.

For this event, we will be doing headshot portraits only (just like the photos seen here), you'll get professional close up shots in fine art style that show incredible fur and eyes detail which we have won numerous awards nationally.

This is something that no mobile phone can achieve. See more of our work here, you won't be disappointed with the close up quality.

You'll be able to choose which photo you'd like on the day, each dog gets a print and a watermarked social media digital for sharing too.

So if you've been thinking of having a photoshoot session for your dog with us this is a great opportunity as a taster. Remember as I always tell owners, they don't need to sit still, we'll take care of that, you'll be surprised how well your puppy / dog behaves.

Head over here to find out more and to book your time slot, I don't expect these slots to hang around for long, hope to see you all then! Kin

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